corn tortillas

From the Aztecs to the taquerias of today corn tortillas have been the foundation of Mexican cuisine and are a part of every meal. Like bread, tortillas are best made and served fresh. So we have dedicated ourselves to making them every day.

Freshly nixtamalized corn not only makes delicious tortillas but enables us to absorb valuable vitamins and minerals including calcium, protein, oils and vitamins B3 (niacin), B1 (thiamin), B5(pantothenic acid) & folate. 

We use whole-kernel organic corn slowly cooked in water and slaked lime. This thousand year old process of Nixtamalization used by the Aztec & Mayans releases valuable nutrients otherwise unavailable. The corn is then ground in a "molino" where the corn is passed between with hand-carved volcanic stones to produce a “masa” or dough of exceptional quality, flavor and authenticity ready to be pressed and cut into golden tortilla-sized discs.




Slowly cooked for 12 hours in alkaline solution breaking down the pericarp and releasing corn's natural nutrients.



Carefully ground by volcanic stones in small batches with water to create the perfect masa.



The ground corn is carefully kneaded with just the right amount of water for the perfect texture.



The dough is hand-fed through the tortilla press where it is cut into tortilla sized circles and cooked.

Our tortillas are made from 100% fresh corn masa made with simple ingredients: whole dried organic corn, water, salt and lime (calcium hydroxide). We do not add corn flour (maseca or masa harina) to our masa, do not irradiate our tortillas for shelf stability and never use chemical preservatives or guar gum.